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If you’d like to see some of the social media content we’ve created on behalf of brands and agencies behind the scenes or an example of a brand strategy we’ve done, we’ll be more than happy to share that with you privately.

Let’s schedule a meeting to make that happen. In the interim, here are a variety of brands Dan Gershenson has worked on in recent years, which should give you a strong sense of the vast experience and versatility that he brings to the table from a writing perspective.

State Farm Insurance


Insurance and financial services doesn’t have to be boring or cold. In my mind, a “good neighbor” wouldn’t be that way and neither should State Farm. So whether introducing a new product like State Farm Mutual Funds or State Farm Bank, enticing customers in the Southwest to prevent water damage in their homes or recruiting people to enter the industry for the very first time as an agent, we kept our appeals to our audience emotional and even struck a humorous tone in one campaign. These efforts ran in national print publications and were part of brand campaigns in which I utilized TV, radio and direct mail.

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  • "Dan did a great job crafting our website's language as well as developing our brochure. His work was top notch and very impactful. We really appreciate the way he worked his "magic." Dan has our strongest recommendation."

    Michael Casaburi, CEO at Revulus Growth Partners
  • "I hired Dan to freshen up the writing on my website, and am delighted with the results. Dan GOT what my consulting business is about in a way that I hadn't experienced from anyone outside my field! More importantly, he was able to take that understanding and write clear and compelling language about my services – AND suggest format changes to the site to make it more effective. I highly recommend him."

    Dina Petrakis, Renovation Coach, Littlerock Construction, Inc.
  • "Dan is not only a person with creative ideas, he is a professional with high intelligence and integrity. He has tremendous energy and technical acumen. Dan is is focused and loves what he does...creating brands and building relationships. He is always willing to offer a helping hand and brings a strong dynamic to any team he is on. I highly recommend Dan to any company that is seeking exposure, growth, financial results and brand development."

    Chadia Meroueh, V.P., Auto Tech and Body

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