Caliber's Dan Gershenson has worked with some of the world's most respected brands.

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Are You Done Trying To Sound Like Everyone Else?
Then Read On.

“What makes you different?”

It’s an easy enough sounding question. In many ways, this is what it’s all about for a brand to begin winning hearts and minds.

So what are you going to say? Your years of experience? Your breadth of services? Your number of employees? If you’re being honest with yourself, those aren’t real benefits for choosing you. They’re expectations at best. Not what moves people.

It’s time to dig deeper. It’s time to weave a richer story of your brand that extends to your website, your social media and beyond. It’s time to recognize you can’t get there just by advertising at them anymore. Once you realize that, you’re ready to begin building a Revolution of Influence.

In a world where “full-service” is on the lips of most customer-facing personnel, top brand strategist and content marketing expert Dan Gershenson takes a very different view, sharing how owning a more well-defined space can reap many rewards for your brand, both online and offline.

Through his new book, “Revolution of Influence: How To Use Your Brand, Your Website And Your Social Media To Win More Quality Business,” Gershenson shows how brands of a complex sale can win the battle for recognition, transforming intrigued prospects into a community of loyal fans.

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