Dan Gershenson has spoken to multi-million dollar firms, non-profits, associations, Chambers of Commerce and networking groups on a variety of topics related to branding, creativity, strategy and content marketing. Dan will be glad to customize a presentation around your needs or you can choose a topic from some of the examples below, including:

“In Brand We Trust: How Social Media Fits Into It All.”

You’ve heard or read social media presentations by now, but it’s time to take a deeper look than simply the tools. Dan doesn’t engage in your typical “you need to be on social media” conversation but instead helps you take a closer look at how social media can be integrated into existing brand goals intelligently and painlessly.

“How To Hunt A Moving Target”

If you’ve ever said, “Our ideal target audience is anyone who needs our product or service,” this is the presentation for you. Part presentation, part working session, Dan helps you drill down farther than you ever have to identify your best potential customer, the people who fall outside of that category and, once you have a clearer picture of that profile, how to convey that understanding to others in a networking setting and through your brand itself.

“CPA: Energizing your accounting firm with Content-Propelled Activity” 

A presentation designed for accounting firms seeking to build loyalty and potentially increase revenue as a result, this conversation provides intelligent, actionable steps on how a firm can provide greater thought leadership in the marketplace in relation to its competition. 

“Club Warfare: Why smarter positioning is no longer a luxury for country clubs.” 

A presentation designed for country clubs seeking to improve memberships, “Club Warfare” helps a club’s General Manager, Membership Director, Marketing Director and Board understand the four distinctive “weapons” that can differentiate their club beyond price and common amenities.

“12 Brand Insights”

A broader yet impactful (and a bit more blunt in tone), get ready to hear at least one, if not many insights that cause you to think or re-think your view on brand strategy. Particularly good for a team to hear prior to engaging in a Brand Catapult from Dan.

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